What kind of event is Dreams Event & Gacha Fair?

Dreams is a place where you can find different genre of styles from the Second Life ´s amazing talented designers.

Is this a monthly event?

Yes, it is a monthly event but there will be three times per year that it will be fully dedicated to Dreams Gacha Fair.

These are the following schedule:

  • Dreams Gacha Fair is only 3 times per year! ( April, July, October )
    *Start day 6th and end day 28th. *Only Gacha!
  • Dreams Event is 9 times per year! (January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November, December)
    *Start day 6th and end day 28th. *All types of sales!

Is this a theme only event?

Yes. This event is a place where you can experience various theme that our designers have put in their effort of producing their dreamy products that will be sharing their joy and dreams with you.

How do I follow up this event?

You can follow up our event by bookmarking this website. We will update each round of the event to give you the fully coverage of our designers products.

Seraphim will be our main coverage for this event.You can follow their website to have the first glance of our in-world set ups. They will also provide the pricing, details of the products and landmark to teleport to our sim.

Flickr / Facebook / Plurk will be our social networks to give you info and you can also share your photos with us. (Only Dreams Event sim and products)

Don´t forget to join our in-world group ´ Dreams Event & Gacha Fair ´to get more info and details of this event. You can even do gacha trading in the group. (Only gachas from Dreams Event)